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Print MIS

Overprint is an end-to-end modular Print MIS, which combines CRM, Cost Estimation and Quotation Management, Production Planning and Tracking, Warehouse Management and Business Intelligence, into a seamless, user-friendly environment.

Addressing the printing industry’s challenges for increased flexibility, resources optimization, automated production and shorter lead times, it enables printing companies to proactively manage their costs with great accuracy, streamline their production and optimize their resources, while increasing their profitability and keeping their customers satisfied.

CRM – Know your customers

Overprint CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is designed to improve your customer relationships and boost your salesforce productivity anytime, locally or remotely.

  • Customer and contacts management
  • Salesforce management
  • Marketing activities and campaign management
  • Calendar events and scheduling

Cost Estimation – Manage your costs

Cost Estimation and Quotation Management enables printing companies to create quotations easily and quickly ensuring cost is accurately estimated, while all job information is easily recorded and available throughout all business processes. Quotations are created by using an intuitive click drag and drop visual interface powered by sophisticated industry calculation algorithms.

  • Product technical specifications
  • Rapid quotation creation via templates
  • Multiple price lists / time-based cost estimation
  • Cost estimation with multiple production proposals
  • Automated layout, imposition and planning for bound and die-cut jobs
  • Activity based cost estimation

Job Order Management – Increase operational efficiency

Orders are automatically converted from quotations with just a few mouse clicks. All information of the ordered products previously entered, is transformed automatically into a job ticket ready for production. Stock control ensures raw material availability
and automatically creates purchase orders in case of shortages. Overprint Integration assures the seamless workflow between the customer and the prepress department, simplifying the approval.

  • Rapid quote-to-order transformation
  • Automated job-ticket generation
  • Sophisticated ganging algorithm
  • Automated raw materials purchase orders creation
  • Purchases workflow
  • Web-based customer online job tracking

Production Planning and Tracking – Streamline your production

The Production Planning and Tracking module allows managers to optimize resources (equipment,raw materials and personnel) and efficiently schedule the production based on the current plan and resources availability. For each assigned job the production manager has the flexibility to reallocate resources as well as track changes, the progress and any problems, thus improving productivity. Data from the shop floor are collected in real-time via touch terminals, providing feedback online to anyone from the client-service, prepress, or the production departments.

  • Production planning based on technical specs, resources and delivery time
  • Production equipment management
  • Real time production monitoring
  • Shop floor automated data collection and equipment control
  • Bar Code / RFID  wireless hand held terminals support

Business Intelligence – Increase your profitability

All data gathered during the cost estimation and quotation management, the order processing and production planning stages are converted into business intelligence figures, in order to provide management with precise and actual statistics leading to decisions at all levels. Production resources (equipment and personnel) utilization and efficiency, raw materials consumption and waste calculation are determinative factors for strategic planning and profitability.

  • Dashboards and KPIs
  • Cross departmental statistics and reports
  • Productivity and profitability analysis
  • Business performance management

Seamless Connectivity and Efficient Collaboration

Integration Center aims to automate the internal workflow and seamlessly connect Overprint MIS with external systems and applications exchanging information in real-time, securely and efficiently, It improves the communication between the customers and the various departments of the company resulting to increased productivity and improved customer service.

Integration Center aims at implementing a total digital workflow: It extends Overprint MIS functionality by automating processes, providing email communication capabilities, and allowing connecting to external systems:

  • ERP Systems Integration
  • Prepress, Approval and Workflow systems
  • Web2Print Solutions
  • Automated Notifications
  • File Transfer Solutions
  • Online Job Ticket update and Production Feedback