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Pricing Optimization and Deal Management

The success is always hidden
in the bottom line

Sustaining a long-term price advantage while
keeping the flexibility and agility


iPAT – CPQ and Pricing Management System

All the necessary tools for the creation of a pricing governance system
to ensure strategic pricing setting and efficient deployment across the organization, combined with effective day to day deal management

iPAT provides the necessary tools for the creation of a pricing governance system to ensure effective strategic price setting and efficient deployment across the organization, combined with effective day to day deal management. Addressing the complex issues of global pricing harmonization and multi-level approval processes, it leverages the full power of data into taking the optimal decision that will have a major impact on the bottom line.

Deploy your policy – don’t adapt to technology

A set of software tools that provide for the adaptability to the customer’s business & pricing logic and NOT enforce its logic to the customers’ business.

  • Adapt to customer business & pricing logic
  • Lean, agile & flexible management of the underlying business principles
  • Improvement of governance and consistency in pricing practices
  • Defend and grow sales without sacrificing margins
  • Defend and improve profitability
  • Efficient interdepartmental collaboration
  • Increased sales operations effectiveness



Flexibility – Change the pricing logic any time

As business conditions change, companies can maintain the flexibility to adapt their pricing strategies & reflect them seamlessly in the system, with zero to minimal development effort.

  • Update pricing strategy/logic using Excel files
  • Streamline approval processes
  • Increased organizational agility

Empower the sales force

Push the price initiation and approval process (and data entry) to the sales people, creating a price sensitive sales and marketing workforce.
Enrich the toolset of the sales team with all they need to quickly create accurate deals.

  • Create a price sensitive sales and marketing workforce
  • Create holistic customer insights
  • Visualize complex data in an intuitive and actionable way
  • Manage rebates effectively
  • Simulate revenue impact analysis and predict customer scenarios
  • Deal evaluation via standardized KPIs and metrics


Strategic Pricing

Strategic Pricing

On a strategic level, iPAT can aid the pricing team to create and manage pricebooks and approval levels, by incorporating specialized team workflows and interaction capabilities. The strategic module is deeply integrated with the deal management modules of iPAT, so to incorporate every available information and transactional history into the decision making process. On the other hand, the close integration allows for the smooth delegation of strategic pricing decisions to an executional level.

Predictive analytics

Using sophisticated forecasting and predictive analytics methods, iPAT can suggest, real-time, the best price for the sales deal, in order to maximize sales performance or other relevant business KPI. At the same time, it can predict the probability of success at a certain price level to aid effective, every day, deal making. On a strategic level, it can automatically suggest retail prices and approval levels, predict the impact of different price levels on sales performance or other relevant business KPI, and test alternative pricing scenarios for optimum results.

Predictive Analytics


Deploy easy and reduce your back office

The system includes a set of innovative and flexible technologies and processes, allowing for dramatically reduced implementation time, reduced back office, augmented data security, and a lean, agile & flexible management of the underlying business principles.

  • Reduced implementation time
  • No integration with other systems are required
  • Reduced data needs and minimum back office
  • Augmented corporate data security

Insights with built-in analytics

Built-in analytics automatically show what’s working and what’s not, so you can easily gain insights and monitor effectiveness of your pricing policy,


From deal modeling, through rebates, to final approval: Also from you iPad or iPhone.

All the tools you need to model any sales deal, apply rebates, visualize the impact and approve.
Online and offline on your PC, iPad or iPhone





Dynamic Business/Pricing Logic Engine

The unique engine of iPAT allows the pricing logic to be changed at any time using simple Excel files, thus providing to the business users to adapt and react to the fast changing environment.

  • Using Excel based pricing/business policies
  • Updatable by business users

Robust and flexible Approval Workflow Engine

The unique workflow engine of iPAT allows for a dual mode workflow: either a full complete multi-level approval workflow based on internal governing processes, or by allowing users to delegate, escalate or take over in the flow.

  • Based on internal governing processes
  • User selectable/defined
  • Delegation, escalation and take over functionality
  • Pass to same level delegate action to allow different divisions to work together on a sales deal
  • Supporting a customizable hierarchy including Admin, Sales and Tender office support


Decision Support tools

iPAT includes integrated Analytics: from within the sales deal to allow all sales force levels to accurately evaluate the effect of their pricing and rebate policy, along with custom user definable dynamic analytics that help visualize and measure sales effectiveness and performance.

  • Pocket Price Waterfall graphs
  • Profit/Margin Analysis graphs
  • Custom Analytics, based on corporate KPIs

Online and Offline usage and synchronization

By downloading locally all required data, iPAT allows the users to work without Internet connection and synchronize their changes when they connect to the corporate network.

  • Advanced data Synchronization engine
  • Per user data delta sync


Cross-Platform native apps and intuitive user interface

iPAT takes full advantage of the options and advantages of the operating systems: with native applications for both iPad and Windows, it maximizes user experience and maximizes productivity of the sales force and the back office.

  • Windows & iPad

Corporate Security

iPAT conforms to the highest corporate standards, by encrypting data and allowing a maximum security and visibility level, for all its modules and components.

  • Data encryption/device protected
  • Role/user based security