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Where it all starts from in the printing business

The print industry is a dynamic and fast paced with its own set of unique challenges, involves numerous people, which can create a range of issues when trying to successfully process a job. Prepress plays a critical role in achieving the best result throughout the print process. No matter what your needs are, from professional PDF editing, automated workflows and approvals, imposition and ganging for bound-jobs, carton boxes and labels, our solutions deliver you with leading-edge technology at an affordable cost of ownership.

Prepress Workflow and Approval

Centralized project management and multi-channel workflow

In today’s fast-paced world of content delivery, where clients expect faster file turnarounds – along with more competitive pricing – businesses require efficiency, productivity and security from their solutions.


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Professional PDF Editing

Keeping the file integrity by preserving the native PDF file

PACKZ is a high‐end, native PDF editor specifically designed for the label and packaging industry. It is completely built around Native PDF, the only standard file format for interchange of all packaging graphic designs. PACKZ has a versatile set of dedicated prepress functions to make designs ready for any printing process, both on Mac OS X and Windows.

Among its features are : smart trapping with quality control wizard, full transparency, Tabular- CAD – Interactive and Grid Step and Repeat,  intelligent flattening, separation mapping, live objects, bar code creation, find and replace objects, structured assets including: fonts, images, separations, object-based screening, barcodes.

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Imposition and Planning

Complete Automation of Layout Planning and Creation

Intelligent software built to simplify and automate the process of creating cost effective, print-ready layouts. With some key innovations and sophisticated algorithms, it can completely automate imposed layout creation for books, ganging & die-cut jobs on sheet-fed as well as web-fed presses.

Estimation has become an exact science

The software is capable of calculating the best print/die layouts for jobs of any size, quantity & color thus making it an ideal tool for estimators. In a few seconds, your estimators can graphically evaluate the best way to lay out a job, while minimizing printing and finishing costs. He can evaluate the trade-offs between material efficiency, printing costs & finishing costs to the last penny! Your estimates will be accurate like never before and your estimator will feel empowered and confident.


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