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Multi Channel Publishing

Twixl Publisher

Twixl Publisher is all about flexibility, offering you the possibility to publish just the way you would like to and to evolve step by step, supporting different content formats such as InDesign HTML and PDF. You can either publish article based or publication based or combine both approaches and also integrate your app with the major editorial systems in the market or with any CMS. There are no obligations, just a wealth of possibilities!

Create > Present > Build > Distribute

For content creation, Twixl Publisher offers two approaches; The pixel-perfect approach using InDesign content and the responsive approach using HTML content. To present your content, Twixl Publisher lets you define the interface of your app, based on a grid layout. For building apps, Twixl Publisher’s stand-alone Mac OS X application lets you create tablet apps, phone apps or universal apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Both single- and multi-issue applications can be published “ad hoc” (for testing), in the app stores or deployed in-house (also called “enterprise distribution”).

The Twixl Distribution Platform takes care of the storage of your content and connects to your automated content sources or your CMS workflow. It manages the distribution of your publications in the different app stores or in-house, supports in-app purchases and subscriptions, manages who gets access to which of your publications, provides detailed analytics information and lets you communicate with your subscribers by means of push notifications.

  • Publish InDesign, HTML and PDF content to tablets and phones
  • Customize your app interface
  • Publish article and issue-based content
  • Publish to the app stores or in-house