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Digital Asset Management


Elvis DAM | digital asset management redefined

Elvis DAM is next-generation digital asset management software for brands, publishers and creatives. Recognized by industry experts, Elvis DAM combines a great user interface with scalability, flexibility and performance. WoodWing markets Elvis DAM via a worldwide network of certified business partners.
Elvis DAM features a modern and intuitive user-interface to manage and find any number of digital assets. You can specify which users have access to what data and customize the user-interface to match your requirements. Importing assets and sharing collections with external staff is just as easy as editing any of the 400+ metadata fields.

Search – find – retrieve, fast

Elvis DAM uses familiar search concepts, such as browsing a folder structure or entering a google-like search phrase. You can narrow down search results with facets and filters and sort the results to quickly find what you need. Using the lightweight previews of images, videos, audio, PDF’s, office documents and more you can easily find the most appropriate item. And, through the tabbed interface, you can work on several tasks simultaneously.



Organize your assets

Elvis DAM offers various ways to organize your media. Folders provide a familiar environment. You can keep your existing folder structure when importing assets from a fileserver, or create your own folder structure. Collections are virtual containers that you can use to organize your assets, to share and to prepare your production. Relations provide yet another view on your assets. They can be applied manually as well as automatically inherited through import, archive or check-in processes.