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Control Center

Precision in Production Monitoring and Control

Designed specifically to address the business challenges of the printing industry, Control Center is an automated data collection and equipment control system, capturing in real-time critical production data.

Scalable and suitable for any size production shop floor, it supports connectivity to a variety of sheet-fed, web-fed and roll-label presses, die-cutting, binding and finishing equipment.

Linked to an array of advanced input and output sensors like photocells, encoders and electronic switches, it provides a two-way communication between the shop floor and the MIS/ERP. Data such as idle/setup/run/down times, material consumption or current status are recorded in real-time, while control commands can be simultaneously sent to the equipment, enabling full control (start/stop), thus eliminating errors and securing production quality.

Production monitoring and control

Its user-friendly interface is optimized for touch-screens or tablets and guides with simplicity the operator providing him with plenty of accurate data linked to the production, such as:

  • Job ticket status
  • Operator equipment identification and assignment
  • Precise recording of production runs and waste material
  • Graphical representation of the production status as well as the operating status of each equipment

Seamless integration and equipment connectivity

Designed with leading-edge technology and open-based architecture it can be seamlessly integrated with Overprint MIS, exchanging information in real-time, securely and efficiently.

  • Real-time two-way communication between the production equipment and Overprint
  • Connectivity independent of vendor equipment supporting various types of sheet-fed, web-fed and roll-label presses, die-cutting, binding and finishing machines.