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Stay always connected with your customers

File sharing and communication system

No matter where your business and your customers are located, reduce communication time with your customers, by automating file exchange, approval and email sending.

File transfer and Workflow Actions rules

BEL Connect is installed within the company’s network and securely allows file transfer over any web browser, by sharing folders, much like an FTP server. It allows setting rules and actions upon file transfers, such as moving files and sending emails.

  • Image file preview
  • Auto folder structure creation
  • File approval and comments
  • Delivery notifications

  • Unlimited File Size
  • Resumable uploads
  • Rules Actions and Workflow
  • Supporting all modern browsers



Designed for connectivity: Integration with Prepress or ERP/MIS systems

BEL Connect can read and write XMP metadata stored in the files, but also perform actions upon metadata values, such as copying or moving all incoming files that containing keywords in XMP fields.
Integrating BEL Connect with external systems is easy: external systems can use the system’s API to allow using the system as a complete file transfer solution.