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Commercial Printing

The profitability of commercial printing companies is closely linked to effective sales operations and optimized printing processes

No matter what you are printing, from books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, diaries, notebooks, any kind of inserts, promotional materials and business forms, from light and regular papers to synthetic  materials with sensitive coatings or delicate structures, Overprint MIS efficiently addresses all business requirements, utilizing best practices and latest industry standards covering the entire needs of commercial printing.

Main features:

  • Sheet-fed, web offset and digital printers support
  • Detailed product technical specifications supporting multiple product parts (cover, body, insert, etc.) and processes (printing, finishing, folding, binding, etc.)
  • Holistic cost based estimation (price lists/time-based per machine or manual labor operation), detailed industrial cost calculation
  • Planning and Imposition with JDF folding catalogue for bound jobs
  • Ganging rectangular flat jobs
  • Custom web signatures for automated planning and imposition on conventional web offset presses
  • Multi-level inventory management for raw materials and multiple warehouses support
  • Barcode and RFID enabled wireless handheld terminals support
  • Gantt chart enabled production scheduling
  • Production optimization and planning based on print job’s technical specification, resources availability and delivery time
  • Real time production monitoring


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