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CLM & e-Detailing

Closed loop marketing & e-Detailing

Using electronic media in healthcare: a new commercial approach

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) refers to a loop of two-way messaging with customers. Marketing messages and materials are pushed to the customer based upon insights on customer preferences, or accessed in a self-service model. Based on data obtained in the course of this interaction, it is possible to use advanced data on customers and their preferences to meet their requirements more closely and to plan personalized messages that will be advantageous in increasing the efficiency of subsequent interactions.

Health economic models

CLM and e-Detailing can be extended in order to produce value communication tablet apps, which allow sales people to present complex value stories based on health economic evidence to payers.
Our value proposition allows companies to transfer their existing health economic models directly into e-Detailing apps, by injecting existing Excel files with complex calculations directly into the apps.



Effective e-Detailing apps

The pharmaceutical-physician relationship can be strengthened through e-Detailing by offering physicians an opportunity to improve the way they work, and at the same time, cut costs and increase revenues for pharmaceutical companies.
e-Detailing can be an important tool that helps pharmaceutical companies improve physician relationships and, in turn, build market share.